The Latin Media Connection in the U.S.

About Us

In May 2013, the founders and the majority investment team of  The Vallas Group, the single largest outdoor advertising company in Latin America made their entry into the U.S. market by taking over the majority ownership of Diesel Outdoor, a holding company of Diesel Media and Diesel Transit.

The investment group has been in business for over 20 years maintaining its advertising inventory throughout 10 Latin American countries and in over 100 Latin American cities with over 30,000 assets. They have been highly successful in acquiring quality inventory encompassing both indoor and outdoor advertising in high profile locations. As an outcome of their success and high standards, The Vallas team maintains valuable partnerships with multiple Latin American agencies and advertisers.

The investment group’s close attention to detail and hands-on approach is the perfect paradigm for Diesel Outdoor; establishing Diesel Transit while creating the necessary buying power for Diesel Media.

Diesel Media, with the assistance from its parent company, has taken on a significant role in tending to direct advertisers and agencies by selecting the very best in inventory to attain the upmost in campaign objectives.

Diesel Media oversees the process from planning, securing inventory, production and installation while closely monitoring and maintaining each campaign to ensure the upmost in quality control and help reduce the advertiser’s workload.

The Vallas team’s respected business relations and buying power stems from their long term roster of Latin American clients that has been maintained throughout many years. We view this as a true win-win situation.…